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Site Furniture

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Site amenities

Did you know that one in five children will grow up to develop skin cancer?  Adding shade to a playground, park, or community space can greatly contribute to the prevention of skin cancer.  

The fabric on our shade structures blocks 98% of the sun's harmful UV rays.  It can also be as much as fifteen degrees cooler under a fabric shade structure than under a steel shelter.  Arizona's harsh weather conditions can also contribute to the degradtion and fading of play equipment.  Adding shade over play equipment can extent the life and visual appeal of any equipment as well as providing a safer and cooler space for children to play.

. Arizona Recreation Design partners with the best brands to bring you a wide selection of site amenities.  Site furniture and other amenities are the finishing touches on any park, playground, or outdoor recreational space. 


Don't forget about your pets! Ground level drinking fountains and doggy waste stations are great for any pet friendly area! 

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