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Community Build

The Community Built Association (CBA) states that the term “Community Built” may be defined as an interactive process that involves the local community in the design, organization, and creation of community projects.

At its heart is a firm belief in volunteerism, empowerment and the value of community. This type of community-based process aids community bonding; develops local leadership; fosters community identity, ownership and pride; and empowers both individuals and the community as people experience working together on a cooperative project to see their ideas become reality.

Endless benefits - Community Built Projects

A Community-build project provides endless benefits from the financial savings, to the community spirit, improved community relations, the renewed awareness of local businesses for years to come. Community build projects attract the attention of politicians and media and it makes it easier to raise support from volunteers and financially.

A community built playground includes all neighborhood citizens to work together toward achieving a common cause for the improvement of the community. Varying ages, economic backgrounds, races, and cultures all work together with one goal.

This type of project promotes community ownership of the playground and tends to reduce vandalism.

Define your Community-Build Project

Solicit input from your community members, children, parks department, schools, politicians and local businesses. The inclusiveness helps to generate interest and creates excitement for the project. This will grow as the plan is developed. The community will take on ownership of the plan and the enthusiasm will grow and spread to the schools, churches, local organizations will step up to be involved.

After all, who wouldn't want to be associated with providing a NEW playground for the community? This is a good thing right? It makes everyone happy and it makes everyone involved look good. Name your playground and ask for help to make it a reality.

Organization is the key to the project success

Breakdown the process into project segments with a timeline for each. Identify all the phases such as site, design, fund raising, volunteers, media, installation and celebration. Form committees for each phase and elect committee chairs. Schedule regular meetings with all the chairs for updates. It is important to identify stakeholders and potential supporters. Encourage these people to take on a leadership position of a committee. Solicit help from local businesses.

Community enthusiasm is vital to the success of the project. A good way to promote this is with a Design day. This includes both children and adults working collectively to provide design ideas.

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